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What is Fixed Fee Recruitment? And What are its Benefits?

Recruitment comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. Traditional recruitment agencies and the percentage fees they charge are well known to most people. This can be an expensive option, especially if you’re a small business, but everyone believes that the higher the cost, the better the quality and quantity of candidates. That is not always the case, and with recruitment budgets being squeezed, you must ask yourself, as a business owner, if the fee is even worth it.

The Flat Fee or Fixed Fee recruitment option, which in most cases offers the same service as a traditional agency and sometimes even has a higher calibre of candidates, is an alternative to this conventional approach. Now, let’s look at what this fixed free recruitment means and the importance of recruitment in general.

What is Fixed Fee Recruitment?

Fixed fee recruitment allows businesses to pay a one-time fee for recruitment advertising while still receiving access to most of the services offered by a recruitment campaign. Fixed fee recruitment is a cost-effective approach that is 90% to 95% less expensive than the traditional recruitment agency model. With fixed fee recruitment, you know your exact costs ahead of time while still benefiting from expert recruiters’ knowledge and experience.

Different fixed-fee recruiters will work in various ways, but we like to keep things as simple as possible at our fixed fee recruitment agency. We will create an optimised job description for you and post it on all of the most relevant job boards. We will then give you access to your applicant management portal, where you will be able to see candidates from all job sites in one place. Our expert team will manually select the best candidates, and you will manage the interview process.

Benefits of Fixed Free Recruitment

Fees in advanced IT recruitment can provide numerous advantages. Some of the benefits of working with specialised IT fixed fee recruitment agencies in the UK are listed below.

  1. Save time

When running internal recruitment campaigns, it takes a significant amount of time to write and post job ads as well as manage the candidate application process. We can handle all of this and even highlight the best candidates.

  1. Save money

Traditional recruitment agencies charge 15% to 20% of a candidate’s first-year salary. That would be £10k for just one role on a £50k salary. With the concept of fixed price recruitment, our pricing starts at £399, allowing you to invest that money elsewhere in your business.

  1. More candidates

Recruiting recruiters use similar methods such as job boards, social media outreach, and existing pipelines. Additional techniques, such as LinkedIn outreach and geofencing technology, are being offered by an increasing number of recruiters. Together we provide all these services.

  1. Expert knowledge

Fixed fee recruiters, like us, have industry specialists who understand the job market and can bring years of experience to help you create the best job ads and highlight the best candidates.

  1. Expert support

An employer can access the standard application tracking software (ATS). This allows both the recruiter and the employer to review, evaluate, and reject applications before agreeing on a shortlist. A fixed fee model brings the employer closer to the process.

  1. Fewer risks

If you end up paying £10k for new hires and they don’t work out, that’s a lot of money down the drain. Fixed fee recruitment allows you to keep recruitment costs low while maintaining candidate quality.


flatfeerecruitment services are a great option if you want a more cost-effective approach to recruitment. We can assist you in attracting top talent for a fraction of the price of traditional agencies. We save you time and money while recruiting the best candidates in your industry by writing optimised job descriptions, posting on top job boards, and managing your applicants.

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